Optical Diffusers

Optical diffusers are used to diffuse light and reduce directionality of the beam. Industrial Optics stocks and custom manufactures ground glass diffusers for a variety of industrial uses. Our ground glass diffusers can be ordered round, square or rectangular and in a range of surface roughness. A fine ground finish provides a higher transmittance while a course ground finish provides less transmittance but a higher amount of diffusion.

Optical glass diffusers are commonly made from Borofloat, Soda Lime, BK-7, or Fused Silica. Depending on your application any of the above listed materials you can be provided with a quick turnaround in either a fine ground finish or a course ground finish.

Flashed opal diffusers offer better diffusion than optical glass but with a very high scattering loss. Opal diffusers come in standard sheets and can be shaped per your specifications for a quick turnaround.

Industrial Optics can support your custom optical diffuser requirements at a competitive savings to standard catalog pricing while providing great quality and exceptional customer service.

  • Diameter: +/- .25mm
  • Length/Width: +/-.25mm
  • Thickness: +/- .25mm
  • Surface Quality: 60-40 polished side
  • Diffused Surface: 40 micron or 220 grit; (other finishes available)

Ground Glass Diffusers

DescriptionPart NumberPrice: 1-10Price: 11-49Price: 50+
5mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser5GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
10mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser10GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
10mm Square - Ground Glass Diffuser10GG002$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
12.5mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser12.5GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
12.5mm Square - Ground Glass Diffuser12.5GG002$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
15mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser15GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
20mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser20GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
25mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser25GG001$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
25mm Square - Ground Glass Diffuser25GG002$15.25$12.20call or e-mail
50mm Diameter - Ground Glass Diffuser50GG001$18.25$14.60call or e-mail
50mm Square - Ground Glass Diffuser50GG002$18.25$14.60call or e-mail

Ground UV Fused Silica Diffusers

DescriptionPart NumberPrice: 1-10Price: 11-49Price: 50+
5mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser5FS001$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
10mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser10FS001$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
10mm Square - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser10FS002$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
12.5mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser12.5FS001$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
12.5mm Square - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser12.5FS002$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
15mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser15FS001$47.50$38.00call or e-mail
20mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser20FS001$57.00$45.60call or e-mail
25mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser25FS001$71.25$57.00call or e-mail
25mm Square - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser25FS002$71.25$57.00call or e-mail
50mm Diameter - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser50FS001$118.75$95.00call or e-mail
50mm Square - UVFS Ground Glass Diffuser50FS002$118.75$95.00call or e-mail