Optical Services

Industrial Optics Unlimited, Inc. is committed to improving our processes to better serve the needs of our customers.  By working with many of our customers on JIT programs and Blanket orders we are able to offer great flexibility and cost effective pricing.

Industrial Optics provides the following optical services: Precision Fabrication & TestingOptical Finishing and Optical Thin Film Coatings.  Specifically we offer the following processes: grinding & lapping, beveling, edging, generating, core drilling, shaping, slicing and pitch & pad polishing of most optical materials in both prototype and production run sizes.

Industrial Optics manufactures optical components using all different types of optical glass. Some of the glass types we regularly use are:

    • BK-7
    • Fused Silica (both UV and standard)
    • Flamed Quartz
    • Hoya & Schott Filter Glass
    • Float & Plate Glass
    • Pyrex
    • Borofloat 33 & Supremax 33
    • Zerodur
    • Most common Schott & Ohara glass types
    • Large range of the specialty high index glasses (both flint & crown glass)
  • Diameter Range 3.0 mm (.118”) to 508.0 mm (20.000”)
  • Diameter Tolerance +/- .127 mm (.005”)
  • Thickness Tolerance +/- .254 mm (.010”)
  • Flats Range 2.0 mm (.078”) to 508.0 mm (20.000”)
  • Flats Dimensional Tolerance +/- .254 mm (.010”)
  • Flats Thickness Tolerance +/- .254 mm (.010”)

Custom sizes beyond standard range available.

  • Surface Quality from Commercial to 10-5 Laser Quality
  • Surface Figure to 1/20λ
  • Flatwork wedge to
  • Spherical centering

Industrial Optics can support your custom optical requirements at a competitive savings to standard catalog pricing while providing great quality and exceptional customer service.